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Introducing "Inner Journey Archetypes of Survival" - a unique and transformative printable card deck designed to guide you through the exploration of the four fundamental archetypes of survival: the Child, the Prostitute, the Saboteur, and the Victim. This deck consists of 20 thoughtfully crafted cards, each featuring powerful question prompts that delve deep into the essence of these archetypes, sparking introspection and self-discovery along your inner journey.


Whether you're seeking clarity, inspiration, or personal growth, "Inner Journey Archetypes of Survival" offers a dynamic tool to navigate life's challenges, unlock your inner strength, and cultivate resilience.


Embark on a journey of self-reflection, empowerment, and transformation with this illuminating card deck, and unlock the wisdom of the archetypes within you.




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Inner Journey Archetypes of Survival - Card Deck

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